About Us.

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About Us.

About Career Mentors

Career Mentors was founded with a vision to help each individual meet their highest potential. Based on the unique intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual skills of each student, the firm efficiently guides students towards their desired professional and allied goals. We firmly believe that if every student is made to believe in their dreams and subsequently achieve his/her calling, he/she can achieve manifold success in every aspect of life.

With a panel of rich professionals from varied walks of life, Career Mentors has succeeded in becoming one of the most trusted career and educational counselling firms today. It further specializes in psychological counselling and helps students and young professionals cope with the various stresses of life efficiently.

We Aim To Provide The Following Services :

  • National and International Career Counselling
  • Educational Counselling
  • Performance Counselling
  • Professional Growth Counselling
  • Individual Counselling
  • Psychometric Test and Analysis
  • Motivation and Career Change Support and many more.

The website www.careermentors.in lists down the contact details as well as the plethora of services that it offers. The website provides ample guidance for students with the help of Univariety. With a rich experience in the field and a solid vision for the future, Career Mentors aims at providing solicited guidance to its pupils and help them lead holistic and happy lives in the time to come.

About Sunil Patel

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Sunil Patel, an accommodating and versatile individual with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a client’s imagination and breed success. With a keen understanding of the need for counselling and an astute sense of individualization, Sunil has helped several students walk down their desired paths. He is well versed with the nuances of mentoring and is fully aware of the challenges that millennials face today. His motto in life is to help aspiring students and those in need of solicited guidance.

Sunil Patel hails from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He maintained a thorough interest in academics right since his childhood, with an inclination to guide those deserving on the right path. Sunil has pursued his Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the reputed universities of India. To continue to his passion of living his dreams, currently, he is pursuing his Doctorate in management. Apart from this, he holds a Certification in Global Career Counselling from Univariety, Singapore.


A dedicated and hard-working individual, Sunil has helped in several professional roles in his career. He has been working as a SAP Consultant for the past 20 years. As a devoted counsellor, Sunil has been instrumental in trainning, guiding and mentoring several aspirants. As he shares his experience, “After having 20 years of industry experience and exposure when I changed my career to the trainning profession, I found that students who are associated with me are very satisfied with my trainning style, skills and pedagogy. The kind of response I was getting at that time inspired me a lot to start career counselling and become a Life Coach or Career Coach”.