Why Counselling & Guidance

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Need For Counselling

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The youth in our country is often riddled with societal and peer pressures when it comes to making a career choice. Everyone knows about popular job fields like engineering, law, and doctorate. However, there are many other areas too that can be considered for making your passion your career choice. If you like music and wish to research or pursue them, why take medical? In such cases, maybe you are unaware of the skills you possess and just pursuing the most optimal option. This is where career counselling can play a major role. Right from understanding the peculiar interests and skills of each individual to guiding and motivating them down the right path, counsellors can help students when they most need it.

Sunil finds counselling to be of great value as it guides the students to take a career path that might add a lot of meaning to their future. It directs them to pursue streams according to their capability and interests.


He adds, students have unstable mindsets, the reason being that they've little knowledge about various streams and courses. Hence, if they do not get proper guidance, they might end up being in an inappropriate stream. To dodge such evils in the very root and foster the right career choices at the very initial stage, career counselling becomes an imperative and an almost indispensable need.